Video Animation

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Types of Explainer Videos

SAAQi Tech stands out in the video animation industry. Our experts create diverse animation videos using modern devices and techniques. Here’s a glimpse:


Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard videos entail simulating black-line graphics on a white background while guiding viewers through the entire concept or idea.

3D Animation Video

Because of its high-end and high-quality finish, 3D animation has carved out a niche for itself. With a narrative focus on the action, the distinctive aesthetics of 3D animation make it easier for viewers to interact with what is being seen in the video.

Motion Graphics

Again, motion graphics animation videos are known for being simple and engaging. It's the perfect animation style for businesses looking to show off a wide variety of goods or services.

Screencast Videos

It is a popular tool for startups in the technology world. It's a fantastic way to explain a procedure or film a demo video.

2D Character Animation Videos

2D animation is one of the most widely used and common animation forms today. Because of its versatility, 2D animation allows for a lot of artistic freedom when it comes to adding the next stage of customization.

Typography Videos

Typography animation can render a video by effectively underlining and memorably reinforcing the message with the use of clever fonts and animation.

Videos Animation Portfolio

For businesses striving for digital impact, SAAQi Tech delivers unmatched custom video animation solutions.


Choose the optimal
price plan

Discover the perfect pricing plan for your video animation needs. Our tailored options ensure affordability without compromising on creativity or quality. Choose SAAQi Tech for expert animation solutions that fit your budget and bring your brand’s story to life with impact.